1. How to e-meet with the HR?

Click at event > Go to respective company > Click the e-meet link to e-meet with HR.


2. How long is the process to get the pin number?

Less than 1 minute


3. Where to get the pin number?

Through your registered email


4. What is the required information needed before applying for the job?

Fill in the required details on your profile then submit the form.


5. How do I want to know about being shortlisted by the company?

You will be contacted by the company through your email.


6. Do I need to upload my resume?

You can send your resume through email when the employers contact through email and request for the resume.


7. What if I can’t attend the e-meet sessions?

You can apply for the job ads and the employers will contact you if they are interested.


8. Did I need to register using a personal email or university student email?

Can use both.


9. How to claim my e-certificate?

Can be downloaded at the event page.

10. What are the uses of e-certificate and how it benefits me?

Some universities need the e-certificate as your attendance.


11. How long is the process of recruitment?

Depending on the employers, some companies only take a week and some may take up to 3 months.


12. Can I edit my profile after submitting it?

Yes, you still can edit your profile.


13. Can I change the email address after registering?

No, you cannot change the email address but can register as a new account.


14. Can I know the deadline to apply for the jobs?

You can apply for the jobs as long as it’s there. If the job vacancy has been closed, the post will no longer be at the job ads.


15. How to cancel the job applications if I’m not interested anymore?

No, you cannot cancel the job application.


16. Where to view the job ads?

Job ads can be accessed by clicking the ‘Job Ads’ at bottom bar 3rd from left.


17. How can I know the ongoing event?

Can check the event page for the upcoming event


18. Is it compulsory to upload my picture?

It’s compulsory to upload your profile picture.


19. How would the company contact me if my application was accepted?

They will contact either through email or you can see the application status change to shortlisted or accepted.


20. Can I apply for more than 1 job?

Yes, you can apply for more than 1 job.


21. Can I still apply for the jobs after the event ended?

Yes, still can apply for the jobs after the event and the employers will contact your for another scheduled interview.


22. Can I delete the account if I’m not interested anymore?

No, you cannot delete the account.


23. Can I view the job ads according to the industry I’m interested in?

Yes you can. Company job ads were categorized by the industry that the company is involved in. 


24. How do I want to know the available jobs within my areas?

You can click at employers and search for the available job through the maps provided.


25. How can I join the ongoing event?

Click at the event during the event date.


26. Will I get the notification if there is a new update from the company?

No, you need to login to know the update from the company.


27. Can I contact the employers directly?

You cannot contact the employers directly, the employers will contact you directly.


28. Have dress codes for the e-meet sessions?

Casual or formal attire.


29. Can I not open the camera during the e-meet sessions?

Yes, you are allowed not to open the camera but you can open the camera if the employers request for that.


30. Will the company inform me if I’m not accepted?

Yes, the company will inform you if you are not accepted.


31. Can I join another university event?

Yes, you are welcomed to join another university event.


32. Have any support number if I want to ask questions?

You may contact our GenYouth support team numbers at; 

  1. http://wa.me/601156472825 

  2. http://wa.me/60102841128 


33. How can I know if the employers have viewed my application?

The employers will get notification on your application, so there is no worry if they would miss out your application.