1. What is ProWider?

It is a platform where jobseekers and companies can engage and find the best potential lifelong colleagues.


2. How do I use ProWider?

First, you can sign up for ProWider as a corporate > Complete the company details required > complete the form to post job ads.


3. Where do I locate the pin, if I can’t find it in my email?

You can check in email or in spam.


4. Can I login using a different email address?

No, you need to login using the email successfully registered.


5. Do I need to pay for the platform or service?

No, it’s free of charge (FOC) to use the platform and post job ads. You just need to pay RM1 for shortlisted candidates and RM50 per successful hired candidate.


6. How can I view my job ads?

You can see in the job ads section.


7. Where can I find the receipt?

You will receive the receipt link at ProWider and the receipt also send at email.


8. Can I know if there's an invoice for the credits bought?

No but you can request from the support team to request for an invoice.


9. Can I have another receipt with more details such as company and payment details?

When you buy the credit, you will receive the details of payment details.


10. How is my credit being deducted?

When there are successful hired candidates, we will deduct the credit automatically.


11. How do I edit the job ads?

You can edit job ads and submit the form.


12. Will I get candidates if I did not attend any of the virtual events?

Yes, as long as you have active job ads.


13. How do I view the applicant details?

You can see at the applicant section if you want to contact the applicants you need to shortlist the applicant and the charge is only RM1 for one shortlisted candidate to view the applicant details.


14. What do I need to do during e-meet?

You can directly interview the student and ask them to drop the resume at your email for you to schedule another interview.


15. How many students can I e-meet during the virtual event?

As many as you can.


16. Where are my previous posted job ads from Do I need to repost the job ads?

You can contact the support team for the previously posted job ads if the job ads have not appeared in your company job ads.


17. How frequently do I need to post job ads?

It depends on you as you can post many job ads as you can.


18. How do I e-meet the students?

You can e-meet the students using google meets, zoom, microsoft teams or any other e-meet platform.


19. Can I get their resumes from the platform?

No but you can request the resume from the student using email.

20. How do I join the virtual event?

You can click the event banner at the event section and submit the form to join the virtual event.


21. Is joining the virtual event free?

Yes, it is free to join the virtual event.


22. Is it free to post job ads?

Yes, it is free to post job ads.


23. What if I am busy and could not attend the e-meet session?

You can make remarks you are offline and the student still can apply for your job ads.


24. If I have shortlisted the candidate, how do I arrange for an interview with the candidate?

You can arrange the interview with candidates through email.


25. When is their internship period?

You can ask the student when you e-meet the student.


26. Do I need to upload my company SSM, what’s the purpose of doing that?

Yes you need to upload the company SSM for the verification purposes.


27. Why is it important that I need to complete my company profile?

You need to complete the company profile for the verification and the student be able to view your company profile and job ads. 


28. How do I know when there’s a talent applied to my job ads?

You view the applicant section if there is talent applied for your job ads.

29. Do I need to attend the exhibitor’s briefing?

Yes if you want the details about the flow to use the Prowider and can ask any question during the briefing.


30. How long is the exhibitor’s briefing normally?

Up to 1 hours.


30. How exactly does the virtual event work?

Normally when we do the physical event, there will be a booth for each company and students will come to the booth if they are interested. Same goes like virtual events, each respective company will stay online at their e-meet platform and the student will come join the e-meet.


31. Do we have to purchase the credits first before we can publish the ads?


32. Do I have to be at the e-meeting the whole time during the event?

Yes but in the meantime you can do other stuff while waiting for the student to come in.

33. Do I need to top up credit first? Or, can I do it only if I am serious about selecting a candidate?

You can top up credit if you are about to hire the candidates.

34. How to edit my event registration detail?

Edit at the registration form at the event section.

35. Is it compulsory to put the e-meet link?

Yes, it is compulsory if you want to e-meet with the student.

36. Do we have any briefing before the event?

Yes, we do have a briefing before the event.